Evangelist on Opera

I don’t understand how come opera only gets about 2% of users throughout the years. It comes with tones of features right out of the box, but still blazing fast and slim. It is just not normal to be as good.

Just read the post about their popular innovations. It got tabs and gesture from 00 and 01. At that time, there is a new-born IE6, and Mozilla, let alone Firefox, has not yet existed. And I am just stunned to learn that opera got full page zoom in 96 and sessions in 94!!! Opera is more than ten years ahead of others(!) in the world of web!!!

In Opera, there are built-in mouse gesture, speed dials, a lot of keyboard hotkeys and spatial navigation which makes keyboard browsing damn easy.

Opera can read JavaScript that can only be done in firefox with Greasemonkey. And opera can read CSS too, one can customize any pages as desired. There are options to show or block animated graphics, pop-ups, js, flash, images, as well as some developers options like show table layout, disable forms..etc. Firefox could achieve all these, with countless add-ons (and those add-ons will make firefox super slow and have conflicts with each others).

Opera is customizable. There are options for layout. It is so stupid that in firefox I need to have tab-mix plus to make tabs shows in multi-rows, and need one add-on for hiding each of the toolbars.

Opera got built-in password manager, mail client, rss reader and torrent client! I’ve no idea how could it equip with such fat things and stay slim.

And I couldn’t agree more with this:

It is FAST: Opera invented fast browsing. We were fast before the other guys were even born. From day one speed has been a prime focus, something that is visible to anyone using Opera. This is not just about tests, but real life.
from Top 15 reasons to use Opera

Further readings~:P
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