I got a fulfilling 22.

Two years ago, I asked myself, how should a 21 behave? There was not much problem with 21. But many things change in 22 and I feel kind of lost in the first half of it. Working is damn different from what I imagined. I cannot get used to it at first. There is no more things like giving your life away and do the utmost. There is no more hot-blood-driven crazy spirit. I think this is the point where some may say 磨平少年輕狂, in another word calm down and know how things work. You just have to work around the rules and don’t need to have your soul and spirit all burning. Play the rules rather than do the work. It is still shit. I like the other way round but I am alright with it now. I do hate the adult world but very unfortunately I am in it.

Some time in this year, I got icy with my boyfriend. Two selfish only-child getting together. No, never a peaceful picture. But we do care and we are fine now.

Sports is good. It feels good training the body. It never feels that good before. My body start deteriorate and I can now feel the difference when I am with sports or not. But I gain weight..I got greedy with tasty food… not cool. May be I am stronger, or fatter. I sweat with only a tee today, when everyone else on the street is dressed as winter.

I met some old friends and have some good chats. It feels very good. And occasionally I went back to some events of the cscs. I was nervous and unsure at first, as influenced by my boyfriend’s ‘leave them alone’ thoughts but finding myself still welcomed by the family.

It is another year. What should it be like at 23?


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