I am so tired.

Finding a job is hard. Planning to find one, if not actually doing so, is wearing me out. Because I know not what I want to do. Career objective, life objective, those are hard questions. I know not what I should, or wish to accomplished for my remaining decades on this planet.

I need a cry, a big one. I am occupying myself way too harsh. I am a lazy person. I need time for do nothing, at least once in a while. Seven scheduled days a week is too harsh. I need a break badly. The mere empty hours every night. I still fit in endless “informative” feeds/documentaries/web articles. Engulfed in noisy and distracting sea of pseudo information, feeling vulgarly busy, I should be engaged in more peaceful old-school hobbies like reading, drawing, simply breathing or soundly sleeping. Having said that I need to de-clutter my digital life gravely, I keep on tying myself to this destructive way of living.


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