Justice with Michael Sandel


This is such a great timing that this course has caught me attention just when I am wondering about how should a society be better. There are too much to swallow squeezing an 12-week course in like 2 weeks. I still needs time to digest all those thoughts and ideas. This course is really provoking. I love of course the professor who delivers the lecture so well and also addressing and encouraging the students to speak them own ideas. And I love the students that they are really bright.

The course has introduce a few ideas of just to me. I particularly found echoes with the idea from John Rawls. Months ago after started the engagement to the civil society, I have had some thinkings and come to the conclusion that what I am having is the result of the injustice of the society. Then I was stuck. I have been lucky to have what I am having, now what? John Rawls’ difference principle has given me the hope that there may be a way out there. I will give time to study more of him. I do hope that this will be a discovery of someone I agree. Just like how I have learnt about Heraclitus.

Hope all these motives will push me into actions.


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