CPE Yr1, Done

It is finally over. Exam is over (for the time being…).

When I told someone what I am studying, the response I have got is remarkably consistent. Here are the frequently (frequency tends to 100%) asked questions.

What am I studying?
CPE by Space x MMU

What is that?
Long answer short. Law.

So you want to be a lawyer?

Then what for!?
I got stunned by this response. Always. It may sounds fake but I feel the need to understand the thing by which I am bound.

Actually I have thought of choosing philosophy or history. I guess no one would ever ask if I want to be a philosopher or historian had I chosen those subjects.

I have never been as hardworking as last month. Back in the tutorial a few months ago, many of my classmates have already been really familiar with the subjects already. Scary. I have been really risky to study only the topics I planned to answer and leaving myself no choice. This is not the correct attitude, but there is no time to do better. I am doomed had it been any accident, however small. I hope I need not resit any of the subjects.

It is not particularly stressful and busy, but self-discipline is required. Self-discipline is not a problem when you got very scary classmates. Trimming down time for things like coursera, edx, viewing legco meetings, all my feeds and podcasts, actually I have time to study. I only scan through my feeds. Just enough to know and care about the news around. Yet I retain my daily portion of panda cuteness. (live.ipanda.com is a good study pal by the way.)

As I found that it is easier for me to concentrate with only the desk light on. I have stopped turning on the ceiling light of my room and my computer the second I arrived home.

It is like a different life style. I am starting to get use to it but suddenly it is over. (But the cycle will start again in September…..)

How long have it been since I last see my boyfriend? Two months? I promise to give you rest of my time. (Until year starts in Sept. And except my jogging Tuesday and TKD Sunday and …. etc)
(Oh. There is no consideration for this promise ;] )


ps. My to-read list and to-watch list is screaming.


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