Living My Own Life

只要是消耗在我自己的身上,而不是虛擲到於我而言毫無意義的人或事之上,或是假情假意的去依從一些人人都覺得正確的規矩,我就感到了我正在為自己而活,生活沒以往那麼難過。 千里孤墳

For me, university life and hostel life is the little time window that no one is forcing, pushing, or advising me to do anything. The only time in my life that I myself could grow. But I did not grow strong enough in these three years. After leaving that wonderland, once again I was bound by all those things and persons that used to bound me.

Few years to thirty, all justifications are only excuses.


Sometimes you did something that is totally ridiculous and meaningless to everyone else. And the absurdity arises for reason no other than the very fact that you are finally living as your own self. You are doing what is most important to you, rather than those on the mainstream success metre.

The right things to do and the real right things to do are somewhat mutual exclusive.


I have a hard time accepting the fact of not being understood by the people whom I loved. I failed to ignore their opposition. I hope to be released from the bound, and never lay any burden on those who loved me.


I am a coward living a life so ‘right’. When I have time to think about life, I cry most of the times.


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