This is the page for traffic data from DATA.GOV.HK.

Routes and fares of public transport via DATA.GOV.HK

What did you first notice? The title? The logo? The warning message? Or the data?

Live traffic information via DATA.GOV.UK

Data page from DATA.GOV.UK.

Both the GOV.HK and GOV.UK sites are of the same layout, same glyph icons (icon-file-text of FA v3.2) and same content font (Open Sans). The pages are remarkably similar (too similar to be coincidental…) , yet the data file links in the GOV.UK site are first thing that catch my eyes.

The GOV.UK page shows impressing attention to details,

  1. The blue used for the data file is the most saturated colour (highest chroma value) in the page. Helps the data links stand out.
  2. Combination of fonts (Helvetica Neue for headers).
  3. Long description will be shrunk and replaced by a “read more” button to ensure that the data appears above the fold (fold = things you can see without scrolling down).


If the viewport height is around 800px, this is what the user would see at DATA.GOV.HK. Where is the data?

Routes and fares of public transport | DATA.GOV.HK

With the same height, data links in DATA.GOV.UK are still eye-catching. And half-shown glyph icons urge users to scroll down.

Live traffic information from the Highways Agency - Datasets



The differences are very subtle yet significant.




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